Also known as drywall, gypsum board or plasterboard, in Australia Gyprock is one of the truly popular materials for interior walls and ceilings. 

Gyprock requires less labour, is less expensive and takes less drying time than traditional techniques. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including masonry, timber framing and even metals.

Whether it’s patching a hole, cracks, or uneven gyprock or replacing a whole ceiling Precise Projects WA Pty Ltd can supply and install all your plastering requirements. Although it’s easy to put off plastering your walls or ceilings the cracks and pale colours only get worse. Regular maintenance to your property does make a difference and it can increase the value of your property.

What causes cracked, weathered and uneven walls?

Cracks in your interior walls can occur for many reasons. As a rule of thumb, horizontal cracks are worse than vertical ones. Horizontal cracks can mean there are serious problems.

Changes in temperature can cause cracks as the materials in your walls expand and contract. However, these cracks aren’t usually anything to worry about.

Another common cause of cracks is moisture. Moisture in your walls can lead to the materials bloating, rotting and moulding. This can result in your walls starting to crumble and fall away.

Uneven walls are mainly due to poor quality workmanship. 

Bad foundations can also cause your walls to crack and can lead to serious problems. If you see big horizontal cracks in your walls, ceiling or floors, then you should contact a professional to assess whether it is safe.

Precise Projects WA Pty Ltd are efficient, reliable and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship whether it is for a commercial or residential project.

Plastering complete