Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has not been used in domestic building materials since the 1980s but it was not until 31 December, 2003 that asbestos and all products containing asbestos were banned throughout Australia.

It is therefore held that if your home was built or renovated before 1990, it is likely that it contains some form of asbestos building product – most likely asbestos cement sheeting.

If you’re planning to demolish, rebuild, or renovate a property we can inspect and test the materials to confirm if it is asbestos. We can safely remove and dispose of non-friable asbestos from all types of residential, commercial and mine site structures and provide a clearance certificate on completion. This includes all aspects of asbestos roofs, walls and fences.

At Precise Projects WA Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, quality service from start to finish. No matter the scale of the task, we work tirelessly to provide the best possible results, every time.